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Roller Garage Doors

Roller Garage Doors open straight up and roll up and back into your garage space. As well as offering a clever space-saving solution, they provide additional insulation for your garage. Roller Garage Doors are usually positioned on the inside of the garage opening, but if this proves difficult, Westchester Garage Doors can mount them either on the outside or actually in the garage opening. As Roller Garage Doors are made up of horizontal sections they are both strong and secure.

Westchester NY Garage Doors Roller Garage Doors can either be manual or electric garage doors. Our remote controlled doors are particularly easy to use and give you much greater freedom by controlling your door with the push of a button. Westchester Garage Doors have a wide range of alternative finishes available and can offer made to measure doors as well as standard sizes.

Roller Garage Doors – Benefits

Roller Garage Doors have the following advantages:

  • Vertical open and closing – perfect for short driveways or garages that open out onto the pavement or street.
  • Flexible installation options to suit all shapes and sizes of garage
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Remote control option for security and convenience
  • Added insulation for your garage space
  • An extensive range of color choices and materials available

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