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Up And Over Garage Doors

Up And Over Garage Doors have a careful design to make them easy to open. They glide back easily and safely into your garage space with the smallest effort. Our Up And Over Garage Doors can be supplied with either retractable or canopy options. A sub frame is required when fitting Up And Over Garage Doors to make a perfect fit with your garage door opening. This frame can be of steel or timber construction depending on your preference. It may be possible to use an existing frame rather than fitting a new one. Our free site survey will calculate the work involved in fitting your new garage door.

Westchester Garage Doors Up And Over Garage Doors are one of the most popular products, offering both versatility and convenience.

Up And Over Garage Doors – Benefits

  • Canopy – Canopy Up And Over Garage Doors create a canopy formed by a protruding section of the garage door when it is open. These doors are a popular option, offering simple design and installation whilst making the most of your garage space. For small garages, these doors allow you the most room in which to park your vehicle without causing an obstruction.
  • Retractable – Retractable Up And Over Garage Doors slide all the way back into your garage space giving a greater height clearance at the garage entrance. These doors are ideal if your garage is 8ft wide or more.

The opening mechanism on a retractable garage door is designed with heavier Wooden Garage Doors in mind. Retractable doors offer even more in that they can be modified for remote control access, offering you more flexibility and security.

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