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Automated Garage Doors

Not so long ago Automated Garage Doors were only for the wealthy. Things have changed and now everyone can take advantage of the freedom and practicality that Automated Garage Doors offer. Automated Garage Doors provide the ease and luxury of being able to open your garage door with a touch of the simple remote control. Just picture yourself on a wet and windy day opening your doors from the warmth and comfort of your car and then getting out into your dry garage.

All of the Automated Garage Doors across our range can be fitted with one of a selection of fully automated electric operators that are especially designed to work with our Automated Garage Doors. You may be shocked to discover the low cost of a remote controlled garage door from us.

Our helpful team will be more than happy to guide you through the numerous options and our price structure for our remote controlled Automated Garage Doors, enabling you make an informed decision.

Westchester Garage Doors only use electric operators of the highest quality and only our experienced and qualified specialist technicians are permitted to fit them. To be sure that you will be happy with your automatic door we only fit products accredited for use by the manufacturer.

Westchester NYGarage Doors guarantees an impeccable standard of service. We carry out free garage surveys to provide an accurate, competitive (and free!) no obligation quote.

Our site surveys are carried out by professional fitters and not by sales people. This means that you get someone who is able to provide genuine, good advice and take accurate measurements of your garage space. Westchester Garage Doors professional advice will take into account the garage opening and the size of your garage to ensure that the Automated Garage Doors we supply makes the most of your available space.

As our professional Automated Garage Doors fitters have years of experience in fitting our Automated Garage Doors they are best qualified to steer you through the process of choosing the best Automated Garage Doors to suit your needs.

Automated Garage Doors – Benefits

The advantages of Automated Garage Doors are:

  • Ease of use – remote control is effective from as much as 100 meters
  • No manual operation or lifting needed
  • No keys to lose
  • Improved security – If the doors are shut they are locked
  • Excellent safety features – Obstruction detection means that if a car, child or pet were in the way the closing mechanism would stop

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